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  • Madeline Topf

On not giving an f about bs!

Some updates from me.

this made me laugh so hard (thanks to john topf and @alexqarbuckle):

But guys!! don't give an f about bs.

Some types of PhD bs I've recently encountered:

- "going" to "class"

- getting good grades

- being upset because my hard work didnt amount to anything

- loneliness

- feeling like I'm dumber than everyone else

- feeling like I'm the smartest student EVERRR


- not having any money

- spending the little money I do have on a puppy

- Worrying about looking ugly

- Worrying that if I run into someone I haven't seen all year, they will think I look ugly

- Worrying that if I'm happy, something horrible will happen next

- Having to do dishes

- Not living near the ocean

- Being annoyed that it's still cold

-Thinking i'm inadequate in some way

- feeling guilty about not working "hard"

BS is small, insignificant in the grand scheme... there are bigger things, more important things, that demand my attention. I'm not going to give an f about bs anymore. Except dishes. I'll still do dishes.

What's on your BS list?

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