• Madeline Topf

My first blog post.

My name is Madeline and I just started a PhD in microbiology. It’s funny to think that all the grades in my life, all the studying, all the stress led to this. I always thought all that my schoolwork would lead to some sort of “success” in life. In my opinion, it's debatable whether this counts. More school.

I’m starting this blog because I need money. There’s a grant you can apply to for $34K/year that requires you to have done what they call a “broader impact,” meaning you contribute to the science community in some non-research way. Most people do podcasts that nobody listens to; I'm writing a blog nobody will read.

I’ll write about something I’m grappling with in my life as a PhD student (honestly), I’ll talk about current scientific research, or, more riveting, current scientific drama, and I will incorporate some lifestyle experiments I conduct. I will also take in input from people going through their PhD. It will be funny, and it will show how scientists are people, too; which sounds silly, but was the first thing I looked for in people who were working toward a PhD. I wanted to see myself in them.

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