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  • Madeline Topf

Musings on a mum

From my creative writing class.

we had 5 minutes to write what we could on a single yellow flower given to us.

small, fresh-smelling, unopened.

If there were a bouquet of these I wouldn't buy it

Unless I was brave, risk-taking- they'll open and be beautiful.


I feel like I'd see bees around them.

Or like they'd be in someone's garden who's trying to grow Native Plants. an effort to combat the popularity of manicured lawns. an effort that reminds me what the landscape used to be - how much it has changed.

that depresses me

I've thought of getting a tattoo of this type of flower. Maybe on my inner arm, with some other flowers too maybe.

But you never know if you will still like something in ten years

It looks like an adult dandelion. A dandelion who went to grad school.

you can't abuse this flower like you would a dandelion. you can't flick off the top or rub it on your face.

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