• Madeline Topf


Where will u end up?

This is where I will end up, I thought, watching the ocean.

I want to preserve the memories of my grandparents. I don’t know exactly where they grew up, or how they met, or what they did all day. I want to write a book about my grandparents on the farm and how they stood on the land and looked across it. They needed the land to survive, but you can never trust the land, because it will shift under your feet in an instant. They do not farm anymore.

I wonder when they first saw the ocean. How did they become?

I will become the preserver for my family. I will say to them, Hey, listen to this. Then they will listen to me, or I will finally have something to say.

I am the preserver. I will sit across from my grandparents with a small grey recording device and say Tell me, and listen.